Saturday, December 9, 2006

My Introduction(12/09/06)

First off; I got my new thong and couldn't wait to show it off. Do you like it? Master does.
Now about me. I gave Mistresses a chance, but not takers. So Master Kyle found this male cumslut and collared him and now owns him.
Master commands that slut does offline assignments. Slut has video cam and digital camera to prove to Master that he did them.
Master is going to help me and suggest what slut should buy; I don't have much now but Master and slut are going to work on it.
Master is going to use and abuse this cumslut by himself or with his friends on Im anytime he pleases.
Please check back for updates.
There is a nice surprise update posted below.

This sissyman cuntwhore
PS; under each post it will show who posted it, Master or myself

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