Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Since whenever slut makes a post, it shows up first, then slut has to change it, so to make it simpler, and not to confuse you on dates under posts slut will be putting dates that he actually posted behind title of each post.

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Saturday, December 9, 2006

My Introduction(12/09/06)

First off; I got my new thong and couldn't wait to show it off. Do you like it? Master does.
Now about me. I gave Mistresses a chance, but not takers. So Master Kyle found this male cumslut and collared him and now owns him.
Master commands that slut does offline assignments. Slut has video cam and digital camera to prove to Master that he did them.
Master is going to help me and suggest what slut should buy; I don't have much now but Master and slut are going to work on it.
Master is going to use and abuse this cumslut by himself or with his friends on Im anytime he pleases.
Please check back for updates.
There is a nice surprise update posted below.

This sissyman cuntwhore
PS; under each post it will show who posted it, Master or myself

What this sissyman will do and did for Master Kyle (12/09/06)

This male cumslut gave Master my passwords so he has complete control over me.
I will obey and serve Master obediently.
I will kneel and suck Masters 9" cock for him or in front of his friends, anytime Master desires because my mouth, ass and body are his.
I will be the sluttiest cumsucking whore possible for Master and will make him proud in front
of his friends.
I thank Master for the opportunity to serve him.

Cocksucking sissy male whore

My first butt plug (12/11/06)

Well folks; I got my first butt plug. Now this slut has to get used to it, because the last one he had up his ass(real or fake, AND BELIEVE ME, IT WAS REAL, MMMM) was a long long time ago.
Master says he will show slut how to get used to it, when and where to wear it.

What a wonderful surprise(12/11/06)

Can you imagine?

To my surprise, this slut and his Master found out that they live in neighboring cities. What are the chances of that?

Well on the same day I got my butt plug, I recieved a package from Master. Inside were a chastity belt, a stamped addressed return envelope a a letter from Master which read.

"To my cumslut male bitch. You are to take a shower as soon as you read this letter and put this chastity belt on. It will keep your puny cock from getting an erection and thus slut will not cum. Your tiny little cock belongs to Master and Master alone. The only cum slut will be drinking will be his own and any playmates Master may decide to give him.

Slut will then lock chastity belt and put key in the envelope Master provided him. As slut can see, the key is the kind that cannot be duplicated, so Master will have the only key as soon as slut sends it back.

After slut puts key in envelope, do not seal it yet. Slut will then read and sign the slave contract Master had made up and notorized. Yes slut believe Master. The contract is legal and slut will be mine, body and soul.

Master is going to put this contract on sluts blog, since slut has given Master all his passwords and Master is able to.

Sign contract right away, no delays and send it and key back to Master.

Slut will then have two weeks to get his affairs in order. Giving landlord two week notice of moving out and giving work two week notice. Slut will be moving into Master house in the country, occupying his new slave cage in the cellar that Master had made for him(Master has also had a new special kind of toilet made, but we will go into that later).

Slut will be working for Master and will not have need for any other job.

Slut will then have no further contact with former aquatances, friends or family. Slut will just have contact with whom Master allows.

Master will then have control of sluts finances, giving slut allowence whenever and how much when decided.

Slut will have to work for it, being my maid and more.

Master will then fuck slut with his huge 9" cock, in cumsluts mouthcunt and asscunt whenever he desires. Slut will also be servicing Masters friends(male, female and TG's) whenever Master desires.

You will be a total cumslut male whore for your Master.

Now go and follow Masters orders pronto and Master will be picking slut up in two weeks and giving slut his new collar. Slut is now owned and collared by Master, and don't forget it.

Bye til then.

Master Kyle"

PS; above is chastity belt Master kindly gave me

Contract Signed (12/20/06) Posted by Master Kyle

I recieved sluts signed contract.
Here is a copy.
I don't know why but you can't see signature but believe me, it is signed and cumsucking slut belongs to me now.

I, the slave number 939-172-943 hereinafter referred to as "slave", submit, of my own free will, to MASTER KYLE , hereinafter referred to as "Master", and agree to the following terms and conditions as stated in this Contract of Slavery.
Article I_I am a slave and the owned property of my MASTER.
Article II_I agree to complete and instant obedience of any command from my MASTER.
Article III_I agree to be trained in any manner my MASTERS wishes.
Article IV_I agree to be used sexually by my MASTER as in a prereached conceptual agreement.
Article V_I agree and will submit to any discipline or punishment my MASTER sees fit.This might include, but is not limited to:Punishment strokes, delivered in any manner my MASTER chooses; Prolonged bondage or gagging in any manner my MASTER chooses; Being forced to sleep on the floor, in chains or bondage as my MASTER sees fit; Confinement in a cage, cell or locked box; Deprivation of food or sleep; Assignment and completion of punishment tasks; Humiliation.
Article VI_I agree to put on, wear, or take off any article of clothing or instrument of bondage, at any time, at the command of my MASTER.
Article VII_I agree to be marked or shaved in whatever manner and at whatever time my MASTER sees fit.
Article VIII_ I agree not to be contacted or be in contact with any other masters or dommes unless MASTER gives me permission to be in contact with that person
Article IX_I will keep myself scrupulously clean at all times.I shall never embarrass my MASTER in any way.I will not engage in malicious gossip or use insulting or demeaning language towards others.My manner and tone will be that of a slave at all times and will reflect deference to my MASTER at all times.I will not act defensively when questioned by my MASTER.I will never interrupt my MASTER, or others when speaking.I will not engage in sex, intimate touching, or engage in any scene without the expressed permission of my MASTER.I will tell the truth at all times.I will inform my MASTER promptly if I break any of my MASTER rules.

The slave agrees to these articles provided the MASTER does not expose the slave to:- Hazards that endanger the slave's life, like the HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted deceases. - Legal repercussions - Of His own free will, without reservation and does so under no coercion, threat or bribe.I understand that as a slave I have no rights of revocation and that disobedience in any form will result in painful, mental and physical punishment. I, further, release the "MASTER" from any past, present, or future liability in connection with or as a result of this agreement.

I, therefore agree to, by the affixation of my signature, this Contract of Slavery and freely give myself to the "MASTER". ------------------------------------- -----------------signature of slave # 939-172-943 / Date 12/11/06

Contract for following owned slave
Kyles slutty male slut

A Suggestion from a fellow slut (12/09/06)

Hello you slutty cuntboy
From male slut to male slut.
This slut thinks that instead of sleeping in a cage, your Master
have a better toilet built. One that comes in two pieces, top and
with holes in it that when you lay down in the bottom you can stick
arms and legs thru them so that you can move them for circulation.
After you lay down in the bottom, your Master should instruct the
workers to lower the top onto the bottom half, and on the topside of
the top
is the toilet seat for your Master.
Then Master should instruct the workers to weld both peaces
together so
that there is no way for you to get out. Then you will really be a
slave for your Master and whatever company he has.
Cuntboy will never go hungry or thirsty then.
Just a suggestion and I hope your Master likes it.

Your friend